Becoming a breeder happened by accident – the accident turned into dedication and the dedication became a passion!

Everything started with the fact that some of our talented young mares, due to injury, couldn't be ridden for a longer period of time. So we decided to do something useful during this time and bred them. This accident became our fortune: Our first foals turned out not only to be gorgeous, but were also endowed with extremely strong movement; they received Oldenburg foal premium. Beginner's luck – we thought, as well as many others!!! But we continued. 

By now our two youngsters turned into a herd of youngsters that shine with outstanding movements, elegance, and their noble-modern horse type.

Breeding has become an important cornerstone of our business and will always be part of our future plans.

We believe that breeding high quality dressage horses requires a critical selection of the mare based on the combination of tried and tested lineage with modern and responsive horses, raising them under the best conditions, and with the best training possible.

In addition, it fills us with great joy to be involved when the foal is born; to see when it arranges its feet for the first time and starts to walk, to see it growing, to guide it, and educate it; seeing when the rider mounts it for the first time, training it and perhaps after some time seeing it again at high-level horse shows – all this fills our breeder's heart with great pride.