Nina-Maria Palomäki

Head secretary, personnel manager, and equestrian

Nina-Maria Palomäki discovered her passion for horses at a very early age. Initially, however, she decided to pursue a different equestrian discipline: equestrian vaulting.

The wealth of experience with horses which she has gathered for so many years stands her in good stead in her work with dressage today. Nina-Maria helps with the training of the dressage horses and presents them successfully up until the high-level classes at horse shows.
She also presented skillfully in pony and youngster classes: qualification for the Federal Championship and top placing in other championships. But her main responsibilities lie in office management and handling all questions to do with invoicing.

Melanie Prüter

Equine technician, stable manager, feeding manager, and breeding manager

In 2005 Melanie Prüter completed her education as equine technician specializing in breeding and husbandry.
She is particularly reliable and her thoughtful stable management is exemplary.

At all times she keeps a close eye on the health of each individual horse and its nutrition. Melanie coordinates dates for horseshoers and veterinarians, horse transportations, and the horses'exercise. She is responsible for the foaling and raising of young horses. In addition, Melanie holds a Class C trainer license.

Franziska Pingel

Equine technician, deputy stable manager, feeding manager

In 2013 Franziska Pingel completed her education as equine technician specializing in husbandry and service and was honored with the Stensbeck medal. She is responsible for cleaning, feeding, exercising, and caring for the horses and at the same time is the deputy stable manager. Added to which, Franziska also supports the team with her riding skills.

Franz-Werner Teigeler

Equine technician, facility management

In 1987 Franz-Werner Teigeler completed his education as equine technician specializing in classical horse riding training. Thanks to his great ability and his diverse experience his input is invaluable. 

Franz-Werner has several times successfully presented young horses at the Federal Championship. He has participated in stallion performance tests and showed young horses at auctions. Moreover he was a horse trainer at George Theodorescu, and is still participating successfully in horse shows up until the high-level classes. Apart from that, he is responsible for the riding facilities and also that the equipment is in good condition.

Janina Finke

Equine technician specializing in classical horse riding training

Janina Finke started riding when she was twelve. She already participated as Junior and Young Rider in the Westphalian championships. She has been very successful with over thirty top placings including the high-level classes. She has been successful in young horse competitions culminating in becoming vice state champion of Berlin-Brandenburg. With this top placing she also qualified for the Federal Championship.

Vuokko & Sulo Palomäki

The family Palomäki has had a strong commitment to horses for the past five generations. Thanks to this long-lasting passion Ville's parents have gained extensive experience which they actively use and contribute to our daily business today.

So our enterprise benefits from a cross-generational passion for horses. Vuokko and Sulo support operational activities wherever their help is needed, such as taking care of the horses or the facilities. In addition they make sure none of the employees stay hungry.